God Save Punk Rock

Save Punk Rock
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Do you hate Good Charlotte and Blink 182? Do you wish Avril Lavigne would take her ass back home to Canada? Do you hate any other band or artist that claims to be "punk rock"?

Well...you're in the right place. This is a community created for fans that listen to true punk music--you know, like the stuff that's actually good--and people who despise the shit that tries to pass as "punk" these days--Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Blink 182, Saves The Day, Avril Lavigne, Yellowcard, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, etc., etc., etc.
Will we ridicule you for liking any of the bands above? Nah. We may laugh at you beyond belief, secretly think you're a total loser and what not, but we're not going to ridicule you at all! (Insert angel face here)

How To Get Banned

Insults. As I said before, don't make fun of any users in this community. So maybe they actually listen to some of the worst music ever made, who cares? Play nice.
Spamming. Don't. It's as simple as that. Save all of your E-Bay and free iPod ads for another place.
Offensive posts. Guys, don't post any nudity or offensive pictures in this place just for laughs. You're only going to make yourself look like an immature prick. And you more than likely are.
Rating community promotion. Rating communities are extremely lame. Don't promote yours here. Promoting a music community is fine, but if membership to your community requires a certain number of votes, don't advertise it here.

*Credit for the community icon goes to redmullet.